Tools and Toolholders

Source: Schenck Trebel Corporation

Tools and Toolholders
We demand more from machine tools. Greater speed, higher accuracy, better quality

We demand more from machine tools. Greater speed, higher accuracy, better quality.

Our demand has led to advancements in technology, where capabilities once only imagined have now become industry standards. But, while today's high-speed machines offer impressive advantages, they are only possible if tool, toolholder and spindle are precision balanced.

As operating speeds increase, forces resulting from unbalance cause non-symmetrical rotation. The result is excess vibration, increased chatter, poor surface finish, and excess wear on the tool and spindle bearings. As we strive to exceed even today's capabilities, and go beyond the quality standards that our customers expect, precision balancing becomes even more essential.

The Tooldyne SV is specifically designed to provide precision results in the shortest amount of time for a wide range of tools and toolholders. A pneumatically actuated "quick change" mechanism automatically draws the tool into the spindle to accurately simulate operating conditions and provide the repeatable fit necessary for precision balancing. Units come equipped with PC-based instrumentation and easy to use, menu-driven balancing software for dependable results regardless of operator experience.

Count on the Tooldyne SV for balancing that is simple, swift and effective!

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