News | October 2, 2023

TungThread Chaser Insert Boosts Efficiency In API Round Thread Profile Turning

Discover Tungaloy’s latest development of its new API round thread chaser insert and its T05TP CVD-coated grade.

Our extensive selection of high-performance TungThread thread turning solutions makes it possible to produce high-quality threads in all profiles and pitches, which span from close-tolerant threads of small and miniature parts, standard threads performed with CNC machines to leak-proof connections of OCTG tubing, casing, and coupling products.

Our new chaser insert for API round threads, CR-8R-4I-W24 T05TP, has a productive design: the cutting edge is composed of three roughing teeth followed by one finishing tooth. This helps reduce the number of threading passes required to produce a complete thread profile. In addition, the insert is double sided for tool economy.

Grade T05TP has been developed specifically for API chasers. The CVD-coated grade has a strong substrate for high resistance to plastic deformation and wear, combined with a thin CVD coating for good wear resistance while maintaining edge security. As a result, exceptional reliability and long tool life at accelerated speeds is possible during demanding chaser machining.