Company Profile | August 24, 1999


Source: Verisurf Software
Verisurf Developed as an aid to the CMM inspection process, VERISURF will compare inspection points to your CAD surface model and provide you with a variety of visual and text inspection reports. Points may be generated with any Laser Tracker, Touch Probe, or Mechanical CMM device.


Verisurf Software offers a high functionality, easy to use, application specific 2D and 3D CAD/CAM multiple surface inspection software product priced at $10,000.00, well below competing UNIX products. The VERISURF Software package runs on a PC and performs at speeds that match or exceed high-end inspection packages. It allows the inspector the ability to be independent of the CAD/CAM or Engineering departments.

VERISURF is currently being sold to fortune 1000 companies and is looking forward to a very bright future. In addition to the existing product, Verisurf Software has many more products in development, such as reverse engineering, automatic programming of CMM's for complex multiple surfaces, and 5-Axis holes.