News | June 22, 2024

Walter Presents A Three-Edged Drill With New Krato.tec Coating

Walter is expanding its DC183 Supreme product family with the addition of a new, powerful drill: the Walter Xtreme Evo 3. With three cutting edges and innovative Krato.tec coating technology, the solid carbide drill is setting new standards – particularly when it comes to the series production of steel and cast iron components. However, it can also be used in aluminium if required. Krato.tec, the AlTiN multi-layer coating developed by Walter especially for drilling and reaming tools, gives the drill around 30 percent greater fracture resistance and allows it to achieve a service life that is around 50 percent longer than comparable tools. Two variants of Krato.tec are available for Xtreme Evo 3: as a complete coating for 5 × D (grade WJ30EZ), and as a tip coating for 8 × D (grade WJ30EY). In comparison to the DC180 Supreme, its double-edged counterpart, the DC183 Supreme is able to achieve greater metal removal rates due to the three cutting edges.

The outstanding performance of the Xtreme Evo 3 comes from the combination of the Krato.tec coating technology, which is currently unique in the market, and the three-edge drill geometry, which ensures excellent roundness of the drilled holes. Thanks to the new type of thinner web with a "raised" tip, the Walter Xtreme Evo 3 also has excellent centring characteristics, thereby achieving highly accurate positioning. The polished flutes (from 8 ×D) ensure optimum chip evacuation, especially in deeper holes. The modified shank end of the DC183 Supreme improves its versatility with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), thereby also increasing tool life and process reliability.

Source: Walter