Latest Headlines

  1. LENOX® Announces Several Advancements In Carbide Cutting Technology

    LENOX®, a leader in carbide cutting technology, announces three new carbide tipped innovations: LAZER CT™ and DEMOLITION CT™ Reciprocating Saw Blades, and SPEED SLOT® Carbide Tipped Hole Saws.

  2. National Nail’s STINGER CN100B Cap Nailer Receives 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award

    National Nail announces that its newly enhanced STINGER® CN100B Cap Nailer has received the prestigious 2019 “Pro Tool Innovation Award” (PTIA) in the Pneumatic Tools & Nailers category.

  3. 3D Systems' Cimatron® CAD/CAM Software Boosts Productivity And Improves Efficiencies For Tool Makers

    Today, 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) has announced that two leading German industrial tool makers are using Cimatron® integrated CAD/CAM software by 3D Systems to overcome production challenges faster and more successfully.

  4. Non-Marring, Free-Spinning u-GUARD ™ Tools Bring Proven Performance To Construction And Industrial Applications

    Assembly manufacturing plants around the world know the value of APEX® u-GUARD™ non-marring covered tools, and now that same protection comes to construction, auto body and industrial applications.

  5. BIG KAISER Brings Back Popular Boring Kit Promotion In Time For The Holidays

    For the second consecutive year, BIG KAISER is offering to gift your favorite manufacturing skills training program with a free high-precision boring head kit.

  6. SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation Torque Wrench From Snap-On Industrial Achieves Faster Speeds

    The new SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial is the only continuously spinning, low profile torque wrench on the market and is 80 percent faster than ratcheting hydraulic wrenches.

  7. Sensory Quick-Change Pallet Module Increases Process Transparency

    In the course of digitalization in production, the trend is towards fully automated, fully networked, and autonomously acting manufacturing systems.

  8. Mastercam 2020 Lathe Delivers Powerful Toolpaths And Techniques In A Comprehensive Turning Software

    From accepting and programming any CAD file to Dynamic Motion roughing and precision finishing, Mastercam 2020 Lathe gives you a variety of options to turn all your parts exactly as you need them. Mastercam 2020 Lathe features new 3D tooling, filters for inserts and holders, improved chuck jaw definitions, and much more.

  9. Tungaloy’s New TungBoreMini Provides Integrated Solutions For Drilling And Turning

    Tungaloy unveils TungBoreMini, a multi-functional drilling and turning tool line.

  10. Emuge Introduces Slim Line Chucks For 5-Axis Milling Versatility

    Emuge Corp., a leading manufacturer of high performance taps, thread mills, drills, end mills and other rotary tools, has expanded its line of FPC Milling/ Drilling Chucks products to include Slim Line models that are designed to enhance 5-Axis machining productivity and versatility.