Latest Headlines

  1. Xuron® Introduces New TK4200 Metalsmith’s Tool Kit Featuring Three Specialized Tools

    Xuron Corp. has introduced a new, ergonomic hand tool kit featuring three tools for metalsmiths and jewelers to let them comfortably cut, hold, and manipulate sheet metal and wire.

  2. Tungaloy Broadens Its OD Toolholder Length Variations For Efficient Multi-Tasking Machine Tooling

    Tungaloy is expanding its Turning-A series of OD turning holders to include short length holders.

  3. Lightweight CoroMill 390 Produced Using Additive Manufacturing Reduces Vibration In Long-Overhang Milling

    In a move designed to offer customers a host of in-process benefits, cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is introducing its lightweight CoroMill 390, which features a cutter body produced using additive manufacturing. The lighter overall weight of the tool helps to minimize vibration and improve security during machining with long overhang. In turn, the productivity is also increased.

  4. Klein Tools Optimizes Control For Precision Work In Electronic And HVAC Applications

    Klein Tools, for professionals since 1857, introduces two new Multi-Bit Pocket Screwdrivers, which provide optimum control for precision work. Both the 4-in-1 Electronics Pocket Screwdriver (Cat. No. 32614) and the 3-in-1 HVAC Pocket Screwdriver (Cat. No. 32613) feature concealable tips and a pocket clip for convenient everyday carrying between jobs.

  5. New Seco GL Threading Head Additions Expand Range Of Deep-Hole Solutions

    Reduce rejections that can scrap large, expensive workpieces during deep-hole operations with two new GL25 threading heads for Steadyline turning and boring bars from Seco Tools.

  6. New Milwaukee 15T Crimper Is Designed To Reduce Peak Muscle Effort

    Milwaukee Tool enhances productivity during large wire compression by providing the easiest way to crimp with the M18 FORCE LOGIC 15T Crimper.

  7. Shorter Cycle Times As A Central Objective

    Walter AG is introducing tangential special tools for boring.

  8. 60% Higher Productivity With Duo-Lock

    O-rings require a perfectly plane fit to reliably fulfil their sealing function. In order to produce the highest quality fit, the INDEX Group has been using the HAIMER Duo-Lock system, a modular interface for carbide cutting tool heads and extensions, for two years in all German production plants. With specially ground Duo-Lock milling heads, the lathes manufacturer obtains 60% higher productivity compared to their previous manufacturing solution.

  9. DEWALT Introduces New Woodcutting Circular Saw Blades

    DEWALT introduces new 6-1/2” to 8-1/4” Woodcutting Circular Saw Blades, featuring an innovative new tooth design, reduced vibration, high-density carbide teeth, and a reinforced shoulder, making these blades durable options for long periods of use on the jobsite.

  10. Threadmills Achieve Around 20 To 40% Increase In Tool Life Compared To Other Threading Processes

    Thread milling is a versatile, cost-effective process for cutting a variety of threads, parts and workpiece materials on the same machine. This process produces an internal or an external thread by doing a helical interpolation on a CNC-machine which can make helical paths