Latest Headlines

  1. Threefold Universal Use – The New X·treme Evo

    Walter AG is releasing an all-rounder for every material, machine and drilling application

  2. DEWALT Announces Fully-Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool

    DEWALT announces the new Fully-Automatic .27 Caliber Powder-Actuated Tool (DFD270). The launch of the new Powder-Actuated Tool is supported with a compatible line of newly-designed and independently-tested CSI (Concrete, Steel, & I-Beam) fasteners

  3. Casting Light On First-Stage Aluminium Machining

    In order to boost the first stage roughing operation on newly cast aluminium parts for the automotive industry, cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant is introducing its M5Q90 tangential milling cutter

  4. Harvey Performance Company Acquires Micro 100

    Harvey Performance Company (“Harvey Performance” or the “company”), a leading provider of specialized cutting tools for precision machining applications through industry leading brands Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions, recently announced the acquisition of Micro 100

  5. Hexagon Launches Fixed-Line Blue Laser Scanning Sensor

    Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division recently launched its first blue laser scanning sensor for creating point clouds. The HP-L-5.8 joins Hexagon’s comprehensive range of tactile and non-contact sensors for CMMs and is designed for companies who need a versatile, affordable, fixed-line laser sensor.

  6. Tungaloy To Expand TungForce-Rec Line For Milling Difficult-To-Machine Materials

    Tungaloy will expand TungForce-Rec, a family of successful shoulder milling cutters, to include new toolholders and an insert grade to further boost productivity in milling difficult-to-machine materials

  7. Boart Longyear Announces New Driftmaster Series Of Top Hammer Rods And Bits With Unique Thread Profile Designed For Added Endurance And Strength

    Boart Longyear announces the launch of its newest top hammer tooling, the DriftMaster series of rods and bits, now available. DriftMaster rods and bits are designed with a unique thread profile for added endurance and strength in the most demanding tunneling, bolting, and drifting applications

  8. OPEX Releases Two New Compact Envelopeners With Milling Cutter Technology

    OPEX Corporation, a recognized global technology leader in high-speed mailroom automation, announced recently the addition of the Series 210 Envelopener and the Series 410 Envelopener to its world-renowned OMATION line of products

  9. New Jet Coolant Nut From BIG KAISER Improves Surface Finish And Tool Life

    BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, announces the MEGA Micro Coolant Nut, a solution developed to provide precise coolant supply to micro cutting tool applications at high speeds

  10. ANCA’s iView Enables Single Chucking Manufacturing Through Semi-Automatic Measurement And Compensation Of Profile Tools, Endmills And Drills

    A survey by McKinsey showed that in manufacturing, approximately 749 billion hours are worked each year around the world. Of these, about 60% (478 billion hours) were automatable or at least semi-automatable with existing technology. Imagine if even a small number of those 478 billion labour hours were converted to planning, analysis and strategy hours