Product Showcase

  1. Manufacturing - Precision Tooling
    Our molder continues to invest in new technologies, innovative engineering, state-of-the-art tooling and up-to-date mold making facilities. This, when combined with a seasoned and highly skilled work force that is committed to excellence allows us to regularly exceed our customers expectations
  2. CV-616 Cylinder King
    This is the perfect machine for low-cost precision honing of 19 mm to 203 mm (.75 in. to 8 in.) bores in big pieces. It's perfect for any size shop that needs to size and finish bores in big, heavy or odd-shaped workpieces. The CV-616 does the work of machines costing three times as much.
  3. Manufacturing - Chemical Machining
    Chemical Machining is the clean removal of metal from pre described areas without altering the integrity or properties of the metal by means of a photochemical process. This process is primarily used in creating small thin metal parts of complex design with no burns or stresses to the parts.
  4. GV Series Vertical Honing Machines
    The GV Series Vertical Honing Machines simplify everything. These high-performance, cost-effective, easy-to-use machines are equipped with features that are in demand by customers worldwide.
  5. Manufacturing - Extrusions
    Our extrusion team extrudes precision profiles from High Performance Engineering Thermoplastic Resins, Alloys and Compounds. We realize that an order will be of great value to our customers, regardless of dollar size. We understand how dependent our customers are on our performance.
  6. Accelerator - Increase productivity with elevated speeds & feeds.
    The workpiece is a ring to mount electrical feed-through connectors, and it has a series of holes around a bolt circle
  7. HL Series For Long And Large Bores
    For big bore work, the Sunnen HL Series is the No. 1 choice. These machines are ideal for inside range diameters of 25,1 mm to 381 mm (.990 in. to 15 in.) with stroke lengths of 153 to 3658 mm (6 in. to 144 in.), and maximum outer diameters of 419 mm (16.5 in.).
  8. Manufacturing - CNC Machining
    Metal, Plastics, CNC Lathe Work, CNC Machining. Our highly qualified programmers and machinists combined with state of the art equipment allow us to provide prototype and production machined parts in a timeframe that meets your program.
  9. VSS Single Stroke Honing Machine
    Sunnen's VSS Honing System is a value-priced single pass honing machine that delivers precise bore size, geometry and surface finish. The VSS can handle diameters from 3.9 to 19 mm (0.154 to 0.75 inch).
  10. IMCO Products a Complete Solution
    Total Customer Solution -- Solutions for job shop environment