• Multi-Passage Soft-Seal Rotating Unions Now Available

    A new product line of multi-passage soft-seal rotating unions is now available from Deublin Company. Rotating unions are components in a broad range of equipment applications that require connection between stationary supply lines, and rotating equipment including cylinders, rolls, spindles and clutches

  • MiTek Releases Three New USP Structural Connector Products

    MiTek USA, a leading manufacturer of code-approved structural connectors, developer of software tools for structural design and product selection, and distributor of anchors, epoxy, tools, and safety equipment, recently announced the national availability of three new structural connection products: 1) HTT45 Tension Tie, 2) LUGT, and 3) SRC Sill Retrofit Connector

  • Walter Tool Is Offering The New FEIN 350 Q Multimaster

    Walter Tool has announced that it has added the new FEIN 350 Q Multimaster to its list of power tools and accessories available on its website. The announcement has been made via LAD Solutions in order to bring awareness and to increase the sales of this product

  • Kyocera Introduces MFH High Feed Milling Cutter With Anti-Vibration Design

    Kyocera Unimerco Tooling GmbH introduced its new MFH - High Feed Milling Cutter, which features an anti-vibration design for increased productivity in ramping and helical milling at high speeds

  • Metabo: Introduces New Line Of Innovative Brushless Hammer Drills And Drill Drivers

    Metabo Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade hand-held power tools and accessories is pleased to introduce the most precise, versatile and longest running brushless hammer drills and drill drivers in the industry

  • Frost & Sullivan: Optimistic Growth In Indonesia's Machine Tools Market

    Frost & Sullivan is optimistic on growth in Indonesia's machine tools and cutting tools market due to the individual growth of the mining, power generation, automobile, aerospace & defense industry

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