Product Showcase

  1. SolidWorks Associativity
    Powerful associativity enables users to open native SolidWorks files directly into SURFCAM, completely eliminating the translation process. SURFCAM automatically recognizes any design revisions in the solid model and regenerates only affected toolpaths. With this seamless interoperability, SURFCAM users can quickly adapt to myriad design changes.
  2. TrueMill
    TrueMill is a significant milestone step in the long history of machining. TrueMill is the name for a patented set of discoveries centered on controlling tool engagement while machining a part of almost any type or material. By controlling the tool’s engagement with the material, TrueMill has repeatedly proven to greatly increase material removal rates (MRR), decrease cycle times and extend tool life.
  3. SURFCAM Standard Features
    SURFCAM offers numerous standard features for ease of use and compatibility.
  4. SURFCAM Velocity 4
    SURFCAM Velocity 4 CAD/CAM software provides an amazing array of new, top quality and versatile features. Add to this an enhanced user interface and you get the best, most intuitive and easiest-to-use CAM product on the market today.
  5. Nexterna Clearview Contracts: Service Contract Management
    The Nexterna Clearview Contracts module provides a complete solution for creating, quoting, managing, and renewing contracts. It tracks all components of the contract including preventative maintenance, customer retainers, recurring billing, and deferred revenue. Service organizations can closely monitor contracts to maximize revenue, eliminate “free” service, and invoice correctly.
  6. Nexterna Clearview Product Management/Asset Tracker: Asset And Parts Management
    The Nexterna™ Clearview Product Management/Asset Tracker module offers the ability to track equipment purchased, sold and/or installed and associate them with the customers being serviced and supported. Product movement, service and contract history are available on the product desktop. Service entitlement for seller, manufacturer and vendor warranty is also tracked for the product.
  7. Nexterna Clearview Inventory Logistics: Asset And Parts Management
    The Nexterna™ Clearview Inventory Logistics module manages, tracks, and controls all inventory whether it is in large warehouses or in a technician’s trunk stock. This module gives service companies a way to keep tabs on in-transit items, return parts and equipment, defective parts, and depot repairs and refurbishments.
  8. Nexterna Clearview Service And Support
    Nexterna understands the complex challenges that you face as an organization providing exceptional service to your customers, through your field personnel. Its industry-specific web-and wireless-based solutions successfully connect your people, your products, and your customers.
  9. Nexterna Clearview Link: Field Service Software
    Clearview Link (CVLink) makes a virtual connection between Nexterna Clearview and other applications, enabling you to integrate data with your financial, sales, and other third party software. Nexterna Clearview Link is a data import/export application used to transfer information between the Nexterna Clearview system and other software using XML.
  10. Nexterna Clearview Web Access: Field Service Management
    Nexterna Clearview Web Access gives end clients and/or technicians immediate access to service information. Using the web, they’re able to add, view, and change information specific to their account or service assignments in minutes. Instead of waiting for answers, end clients and technicians are able to get the information they need when and where it’s convenient.
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