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  1. Creaform Unveils The HandyPROBE Next, A New Portable CMM Re-Engineered To Tackle Modern Shop-Floor Quality Control Challenges

    Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, today announced the release of its new portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the HandyPROBE Next

  2. New OLFA SK-12 Safety Knife: All-Stainless-Steel Design And Self-Retracting Blade

    OLFA, a leading maker of premium-quality safety knives and cutting tools, introduces the OLFA SK-12 safety knife for the food industry. The unique, all-stainless-steel design ensures easy detectability by metal detectors

  3. Boart Longyear To Showcase Broad Range Of Rigs, Drills, Performance Tooling And First Instrumentation Product At Expomin

    Boart Longyear (, the world's leading provider of drilling services, equipment and performance tooling, will use Expomin – from April 25 to 29 in Santiago, Chile – to showcase its broad range of underground, multipurpose and geotechnical rigs; drills; performance tooling; and the first product in the company's instrumentation line, TruCore™

  4. Sumitomo Electric Expands SEC-WaveMill WEX1000 Series

    Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has expanded its highly acclaimed shoulder-milling cutters "SEC-WaveMill WEX2000/3000" series to include the "WEX1000" series for high efficiency machining in low depth-of-cut applications

  5. BIG KAISER Introduces High Precision Face Grooving System

    BIG KAISER announces the release of new insert holders for face grooving. The new accessories are specifically designed to fit the BIG KAISER large diameter Series 318 and Series 319 SW twin-cutter boring heads for ultimate system flexibility

  6. Lansky Sharpeners Offers New Clamp Options

    Lansky Sharpeners is a world leader in innovative sharpening technology and stationed in the Buffalo, NY area. Known for its advanced technology, Lansky Sharpeners is now offering a second alternative option to their original style clamp. The new clamp is known as the Soft-Grip Knife Clamp (RCLAMP)

  7. Thinnest Parting Off And Deep Grooving Tools Now Available

    When material savings is a requirement due to machining expensive materials, large batch productions, or both, it is essential to use the thinnest insert width possible

  8. PowerPhotonic Uses Laser Polishing To Provide Ultra-Efficient Collimating And Beam Shaping Optics

    PowerPhotonic recently announces that it is presenting a paper on direct-write laser fabrication of collimation and beam shaping optics at the forthcoming LaP2016 conference on laser polishing, at Fraunhofer ILT Aachen, Germany on 26th and 27th April 2016

  9. Seco Increases Flute Options For Popular Jabro High-Feed End Mill

    Seco has expanded the high-feed machining applicability of its Jabro-HFM JHF980 solid-carbide end mill with new 4- and 5-flute options. The additional flutes allow parts manufacturers in industries such as aerospace and medical to achieve maximum productivity when performing face, slot and plunge milling operations

  10. DP Technology Corp. Announces The Release Of Its Ultimate Machine Tool Solution

    CAM industry innovator DP Technology Corp. has announced a new version of its pioneering flagship product ESPRIT 2016.ESPRIT 2016 features a new innovative high speed lathe roughing strategy, called ProfitTurning that implements ESPRIT’s new Physics-Based Cutting Engine